Patient Opinion Leaders (POLs): Influential Patient KOLs

The Rise of the Patient Key Opinion Leaders, Patient Opinion Leaders (POLs) “Patient opinion leaders” (POLs) are individual patients with a disease (or who previously had a disease) who share their knowledge with others through traditional media but increasingly through newer media channels such as blogs, social media, and patient communities. Andrew Spong’s blog recently posed the question,… Continue reading

The Quantified Self: Personal Data Frenzy

Quantified Self Intro The Quantified Self movement rocket ship has taken off with no signs of slowing down in the immediate future. The Quantified Self movement refers to the act of self-monitoring one’s diet, weight, fitness activities, or health status through technology such as mobile apps or wearable devices. Self-tracking can be traced back to… Continue reading

Dr Google

Paging Dr Google.. 1 in 3 Americans turn to Internet for Diagnosis With internet access as ubiquitous as it is today, Americans turn to the Internet for all kinds of information, including health related content. Those without Internet access in their homes can access the Internet in public places or at work. Dr Google refers… Continue reading

A New Type of Blockbuster Drug

The new blockbuster drug on the block, the nichebuster With Lipitor and other giant blockbuster drug brands losing patent protection, pharma companies have altered their thinking in their drug candidates’ target product profiles. Rather than only targeting large populations, the concept of the “niche-buster” or niche specific blockbuster drug has emerged. For example, Novartis’ CEO,… Continue reading

Healthcare Hashtag Project #HCSM Chat Experience

#HCSM Healthcare Hashtag Project Symplur is the home of the healthcare hashtag project which lists and tracks Twitter activity using hashtags. Chats occur on a daily base on various topics ranging from Rheumatoid arthritis patient groups to social media enthusiast chats on #HCSM. By the way, #HCSM is Healthcare Social Media I had the pleasure of participating… Continue reading

FDA Social Media Guidance: Unsolicited Requests

What does the FDA Social Media Guidance cover? The FDA social media guidance hasn’t been updated since it was first issued in December 2011 (Guidance for Industry: Responding to Unsolicited Information about Prescription Drugs and Medical  Devices). In reality, this document briefly mentions social media and how it should be appropriately used to respond to… Continue reading

Pharmaceutical Patent Life Extension Strategies

Extending the pharmaceutical patent life.. Manufacturers use a pharmaceutical patent to ensure marketing exclusivity for a period of time to recoup R&D costs. Drug development costs have ballooned to over 1 billion dollars (PhRMA), and this is not including the costs per approved drug including the costs of drugs that were unsuccessful. The development process… Continue reading