Pharma Twitter Accounts and Stats!

We just published a list of pharma twitter accounts in the Influencer section. Also, there is a pharma Twitter stats spreadsheet that you can sort by followers, following, statuses, and lists. Links are below:

The Perfect Mobile Health App

What would the perfect mobile health app look like? With over 56% of the adult population now in possession of a smartphone (Pew Research Center’s Internet & American Life Project 2013), it is not surprising to see the explosive growth of the number of mobile health apps. According to Frost and Sullivan, there are currently over… Continue reading

Big Pharma Crowdsourcing for Mobile Apps

Pharma crowdsourcing, a new trend to launch social media apps? Traditionally, pharmaceutical companies have worked with a single or a few agencies to complete marketing projects. Recently, Novartis and Shire have turned to crowdsourcing to produce solid deliverables from teams from all across the world. The company Health 2.0 Conferences ( now hosts competitions and… Continue reading